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Copy large files to Nextcloud

Copying large files to Nextcloud can be time consuming as a lot overhead is involved in passing the files through the LAMP stack. This blog post shows how files can be copied directly in the underlying file system and how Nextcloud's caches can be invalidated to inform Nextcloud about the new files.

Privacy and Audible Audiobooks

This article mentions privacy concerns of the Amazon Audible platform and discusses how to prevent a lock-in into Amazon's apps in order to gain more privacy.

Automate tasks with docker-compose and systemd

This article shows how tasks that have been encapsulated in Docker containers can be controlled by systemd timers. In case of an error a separate systemd service is triggered which sends a mail which contains the last view lines from the journal log.

Leaving Google's Mail Services behind

I decided to leave Google's e-mail services behind. This post describes how I changed to another provider and how I use my domain at the same time so that I can switch between e-mail providers more flexibly in the future.

Evaluate data from Komoot with Elasticsearch and Kibana

In my spare time I like to travel by bike. As a data enthusiast it's no question to track my trips using services such as Komoot. Besides the data analysis methods that these companies provide on their websites or apps, they are always limited in what kind of analysis they provide to their customers. In this post I discuss how to extract data from Komoot and evaluate the data with Elasticsearch.

Howto train a CNN with TensorFlow on FloydHub

This article demonstrates how to solve the MNIST Digit Recognizer task by using a Convolutional Neural Net (CNN). It will be trained with TensorFlow, Googles open-source software library for Machine Intelligence. For the heavy-lifting the cloud provider FloydHub will be used.